Bookstore to start buying wide variety of used books

By By Jay Logan Rogers

By Jay Logan Rogers

A new policy will soon allow students to make money at University Bookstore by selling old general-reading books.

For years, the bookstore has sold used textbooks and bought back student copies at the end of the semester, but until, now the downstairs general reading books area has only carried new titles.

That changed in mid-March when the bookstore debuted a used general-reading books section. This summer, the bookstore will begin buying used books directly from its customers.

“One of the reasons that we’re doing this is that, sometimes, a student might want a book that’s a little older or harder to find,” said Drew Goodman, sales manager of the general books department. “Students are also strapped for cash, and used books are more affordable for them.”

The bookstore is still a month or two away from having a set system for buying books from customers, Goodman said.

“There will be specific days and times each week when people can come in to sell books,” he said. “We want to make it as easy as possible.”

“I’m excited about it because it offers a connection to a segment of the campus population interested in used books. Buying books is an opportunity to connect with students, faculty and staff,” said Shane Girton, associate director of the bookstore.

Goodman said he wants to buy a wide variety of books, but there are a few items in which he is not interested.

“We don’t want out-of-date computer books or serial romance books. They don’t sell in used bookstores anywhere,” he said. “We want books in good condition. The bindings need to be intact.”

Goodman said the amount of money the bookstore will pay for a book will vary depending on the condition of the book and the expected level of demand for it.

Customers will be a main source of used books for the general books department, but the bookstore will also purchase them at estate sales and from bookstores going out of business.

“We’re taking requests from customers who are looking for certain used copies. We already found 18 to 20 Louis L’Amour books that were on a customer’s request list,” Goodman said.

Bookstore customers said they thought that buying and selling used books was a good idea.

“It will probably be more convenient for the students and lead to better prices and more diversity in the selection of books,” said Julia Angulo, a senior in art.

“I think it’s great. The more available books, the better,” said Frank Lepreau, a freshman in sociology.