Settlers did not commit genocide against American Indians


I reject the notion in Jay Richards’ column that America committed genocide against the American Indians (“There will be floats decorated entirely by broken treaties,” March 29).

Consider the following facts and compare them with real genocides, such as those committed by Germany against the Jews and Japan against the Chinese during World War II:

American Indians killed more American Indians than Americans ever killed. They had been fighting each other for time immemorial.

American Indians killed just as many Americans, if not more, than the number of American Indians killed by Americans. American Indians butchered thousands of white settlers, mainly non-combatant men, women and children.

Some genocide program America had!

We never could have won the American-Indian wars and settled America as quickly as we did without the willing assistance of numerous American-Indian scouts and cooperative tribes that hated the Sioux and other non-peaceful tribes.

Treaties were signed and broken by both sides. Violent acts and atrocities were committed by both sides.

This was not about genocide. This was about trying to work out a compromise between two vastly different cultures.

As a result, American Indians have had to share this great land called America-a land the pioneers had as much right to live on and develop as the Indians. I for one am proud of my pioneer ancestors, just as Indians are proud of theirs.

Scott Fife??Boise, Idaho