I’m still going to use the crosswalk

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I just read that the crosswalk near the stadium is going to be obliterated in the summer, forcing students to use the underground pedestrian tunnel (“It’s time to go underground,” April 4).

I laugh at this administrative move; I am still going to cross that street.

Call me lazy for not taking the tunnel? You’re damn right I’m lazy! I ride a skateboard, and I am not going to put my or anyone else’s safety at risk by making a leftward hairpin turn going downhill. Trust me, I am trucking!

What this all comes down to is pedestrian rights. I feel proud when I use a crosswalk because I know that all cars must yield to me; I know that I have superiority over the road.

Giving away that right is a hard-nay, an impossible thing to do. Sandblast away those lines if you will. I’ll just pretend that they’re not there.

Christian LeiningerEconomics, Junior