UPC Date Night aims to involve married students on campus

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The Union Programming Council has created an activity that caters exclusively to couples.

UPC Date Night, which debuts tonight in the Union, is designed to entertain couples through dance lessons, newlywed/dating games, bowling, pool, couple caricatures, movies and karaoke.

“With 40 percent of campus being married, we didn’t see much programming on campus for couples,” said Kacee Kniazeva, UPC community service director. “It’s a very wanted and needed program.”

A problem is when students get married, they no longer feel part of the university, and this event is a way to include them, said Lissy Black, co-president of the Married Student Association.

“And since this is not just for married students, but for all couples, the event will help unify students,” Black said.

The event will include free pizza, chocolate fondue and the opportunity to win a gift basket that includes a $50 certificate toward a vacation.

The Associated Students of the University of Utah child-care program will watch children between the ages of 2 and 6. Students need to pre-register by calling (801) 587-7730.

At least one member of any couple needs a UCard to get into the event free.