The block U is not graffiti


I am writing in response to Christopher Peterson’s letter (“U on the mountain is graffiti,” April 6).

I found his point of view interesting. However, I was sad to hear that he found symbols of school pride to be eyesores.

I am not only a Highland High School alumnus, but my senior year I served as a student body officer in the Highland student government. One of my many charges was the painting and maintenance of our beloved “H Rock,” and I have diligently applied hundreds of gallons of black and white paint to its surface.

Furthermore, I have lived in Salt Lake City nearly all of my life and have been a Ute fan and supporter since before I can remember.

Gazing into the foothills on dark nights to see a giant flashing U instills in me a sense of pride and belonging unlike any other. I only wish all of us loyal U students felt the same way.

If these monuments of pride are graffiti, then I, sir, am a vandal.

Nicholas BartonJunior, Business Finance