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We have recently witnessed large sums of money pledged to this university by private donors. The Eccles Foundation and former basketball star Andre Miller have been among those most recent benefactors. These and other donors, whether of large or small gifts, create environments that enhance our education in ways that most of us do not realize.

Ira and Mary Lou Fulton have recently pledged money to renew the block U. Their pledge, however, reaches far beyond the simple writing of a check.

The Fultons are dedicated to giving to students’ education. I was fortunate to be in the meeting when they offered to match all giving associated with this refurbishment process. The Fultons are incredibly generous philanthropists with a soft spot for students and education. Perhaps the most important part of their pledge is the agreement that all excess funds be invested in student scholarships.

We have all been beneficiaries in some way of the generosity of others. Even if we have paid for every penny of our schooling ourselves, the collective payment of tuition and fees hardly begins to cover the expenses to run the U. Private donations are vital to the success of any institute of higher education.

The Alumni Association is inviting us to make a contribution to the refurbishment of this iconic symbol of this university. Since 2006 is the year of this project, they suggest students make a contribution of $20.06.

I support their suggestion, but for those who feel strapped for money, just give any amount. Even if it’s simply $1, I invite you to join in finding the joy of giving without expectation of extrinsic return or reward. Remember that your contribution will be doubled for not only the block U, but for scholarships.

The matching program runs through June 30. However, lest we forget after leaving for the summer, I encourage you to contribute before finals. Donations can be made to the Alumni Association and delivered to the Alumni House.

For further information on both the history and future of the block U, visit

Matt BroadbentSenior, Finance