Don’t build walls, improve competition

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We often hear that America is losing jobs. Companies outsource their work to foreign countries and the remaining jobs are taken by immigrants. American workers bear the brunt of globalization.

Although this is only partially true, the most salient question is: What do we do about it? Build a wall? Deport millions of people? Protect unprofitable American industries?

Reverting to isolationism and/or protectionism would be a grave mistake. One Utahn, Sen. Reed Smoot, already tried this and the results caused the Great Depression. The answer is not to protect ourselves; rather, it is to improve ourselves.

Americans who work in industries that are vulnerable should be given opportunities to train for new, more competitive jobs. Local and national governments should create programs that would allow these workers to renew their education and/or gain vocational skills that are more competitive. This would not only decrease joblessness, but it would also increase competitiveness in relation to foreign workers.

We must place our efforts in the creative and ingenious minds of the American people to create new industries.

Let the immigrants come. Let the American dream continue. As Americans, we must redouble our efforts to make sure that we are competitive in new and emerging industries. We should move forward, with confidence, toward a more cosmopolitan and borderless marketplace.

Matt Homer?Senior, Economics and International Studies