Tax dollars shouldn’t support welfare programs

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To all socialists:

In Darcy Matthews’ letter, (“Everyone benefits from society,” April 20), she accused me of failing to recognize how I have benefited from society. It is very true that I have benefited from “protection from crime (police) and disaster (firemen), roads to drive on…”

BUT I have also paid for these with my taxes. In fact, I get great joy out of paying taxes for these things because it shows I honor people enough that I will pay them for the services I request.

I do not enjoy paying taxes for welfare programs. Those taxes are paying for a service that I do not receive. Those taxes are stealing my money and giving it to somebody else who does not perform any service to me.

See the difference? Matthews says it “is so obvious as to be ludicrous!” about why the rich are morally obligated to give to the poor but did not give an explanation. Could that be because the explanation is that poor people should steal money from the rich because it ain’t fair they are rich and I’m poor? Is that why there was no explanation given?

I guess it would be ludicrous to answer with the truth. Don’t call forced taxation for redistribution of wealth an effort to help me fulfill my moral obligations. Call it what it is-thievery. Immorality.

Do I have the right to force you to throw me a rope?

J.D. BownsJunior, Business