Infofair to present advances in health sciences computing

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The U’s InfoFair, an annual event that connects students with professors and information about the future of health sciences computing, will take place today.

Sponsored by the U Health Sciences Center, the event will have sessions throughout the day beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The first session comprises a keynote speech on “access to truthful and relevant scientific information” by Donald Lindberg. Director of the National Library of Medicine, Lindberg oversees the world’s largest biomedical library, which has a $275 million budget and 690 librarians and staff.

The other sessions include a “Meet the Experts” panel discussion with Lindberg and Lisa Cannon Albright, Howard Mann and Wayne Peay. There will also be three presentations by U faculty on research projects, scholarly communication and online collaboration tools.

InfoFair will be held at the Health Sciences Center and is meant to provide up-to-date information on computer applications, resources and services, as well as a look at the future of computers and computing in health care and scientific research, said Jeanne LeBer, a coordinator for the event.

InfoFair is free and no registration is required.