Eryn Green: Not funny or cool

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Will someone please tell me that it’s time for A&E Editor Eryn Green to move on? Possibly to an industry that doesn’t require writing skill?

Green’s special ability to create sheer garbage first came to my attention last year, when his Rosie O’Donnell-like mastery of puns (“Decemberists is the coolest Month,” etc.) made it impossible for me to take any of his work seriously. I wrote a complaint then, and the wordplay seemed to slow down.

Unfortunately, it seems that now that his enthusiasm for all things punny has faded, he is simply focusing his energy on filling his articles with a pathetic, hipster attitude and enormous numbers of clichs.

I was extremely disappointed to read Green’s article “Karen O, You’re My?Hero!” (April 24). Besides reading like a cut-and-paste job of Rolling Stone’s most overused phrases (“rock goddess?” HA!), the story was unfairly critical of ASUU’s other concert efforts, which over the past few years have been excellent-Elliott Smith, Death Cab For Cutie, The Violent Femmes and Ben Kweller all come to mind.

In his weak attempt to fulfill his scenester aspirations, Green dismissed a great show by The Von Bondies and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. Despite solid performances, the musicians weren’t given a fair chance by the ignorant majority of the crowd (Green included). Blood On the Wall, who opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, were ignored completely.

Apparently a band must make the cover of Spin before Eryn Green will dedicate pages of corny praise to them.


Bridger Winegar Sophomore, Film