Memorable moments from letters to the editor

? “If Todd, who I now refer to as Toad, wants to transfer, then good riddance” (“If you don’t support the MUSS, you’re an idiot,” Sept. 16).

? “Guess you made a bit of an ass of yourself, huh? Sucks to be you” (“Ignorant people should not put down ‘prudes,'” Sept. 27).

? “I don’t need some Satan-worshipping liberal lecturing me about moral values. It is because of people like you that I can’t even let my pet dog loose in the yard out of fear that some perverted liberal will jump over the fence and rape him” (“Liberals rape dogs,” Oct. 5).

? “Your dear George W. wears a long black robe and a hood and takes part in black-magic rituals with bones and skulls and animal sacrifices?so you and all your homophobic, racist, bigoted, intolerant, pro-slavery, wacko Republican friends can go ahead and brag” (“Liberals may rape dogs, but conservatives worship the devil,” Oct. 14).

? “And by the way-God hates homophobes” (“Jesus hates homophobes,” Oct. 26).

? “When you blatantly degrade something as sacred to you as a member of Christ’s church, you not only piss me off, but you disrespect a much more important being in this universe” (“Patrick Muir is going to hell,” Nov. 22).

Americans co-opt more than Cinco de Mayo (Aug. 23)

Editor:I am writing in response to Maria Murguia’s column (“Happy Sept. 16!: If you think Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, you’re mistaken,” Sept. 19).So Murguia is “offended. God forbid anyone forget American Independence Day and say it is on July 5.”Wait, Americans know more about American holidays than Mexican holidays?Shocking. I was also mortified to learn that Americans turn other cultures’ holidays into transparent excuses for drunken partying. I intend to ponder this further over a green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.I also take exception to the comment, “Americans associate Mexican culture with nothing more than chips, salsa, guacamole dip and Coronas.”Americans associate Mexican culture with many other things-such as bullfighting and over-the-counter steroids.Gordon SwiftJunior, Chemistry

Valerie Jar