ASUU comes up short with Non-Traditional Board

By By Clayton Perkins

By Clayton Perkins

After reading the editorial titled “ASUU leaders should keep fulfilling campaign promises” (May 15), I decided that The Chronicle staff is just as near-sighted as ASUU’s executive leaders. The “new” Non-Traditional Board in the Executive Cabinet is a prime example.

Point 1: Merely re-establishing the “Non-Traditional” board is not going to even skim the surface of what is necessary to represent its constituents. With a budget of $5,000, how will the “Non-Trad” board represent the roughly 33 percent of students that are married? Mind you, that $5,000 breaks down to .37 percent of the total ASUU budget.

Point 2: The two new leaders of this so-called board are not even married. Oh, they will be at one point in the coming weeks, but how will they be able to represent the married students while they, themselves, have no way to relate to them?

Point 3: The two new leaders are 100 percent Caucasian. How will they represent the international population? Or should they? There is already a Diversity Board to represent those students.

Point 4: “Non-traditional” also includes “older” students-i.e., at least 25 years old. To properly represent this sample population it will require someone that is older than 20 years.

It is time to look past mere campaign promises and time to delve into true answers. Adding a board here or there will not change the face of ASUU. Only a complete analysis and structural reorganization will ensure a successful cabinet and student government.

I hope my two will-be-married-in-a-few-weeks-not-even-ethnic-younger-than-25-years-old friends will turn their $5,000 into a pot-of-gold so that, at least, for once, the married students at the U will be well represented. Good luck Jenny and Matt, I have a feeling you’re going to need it.

Clayton Perkins

Senior, Business

Administration Senator, School of Business