Balancing act

Juggling her roles as student, employee, sorority sister and professional athlete is all in a day’s work for Jaime Myers, a senior in mass communication.

Myers, a four-year aerialist for the U.S. Ski Team, said her life is currently something of a balancing act.

“It’s all prioritizing each thing? in the winter it’s skiing; in the fall, my priority is school. Working comes on the side. When I have time off, I have two jobs,” Myers said. “I have a social life that I fit in, too.”

Myers, who is graduating at the end of this summer, has had to keep an unusual school schedule to train for her sport.

“I’ve done Summer and Fall (Semesters) for the past two years, and before that I’d do fall and spring. For spring, I’d do online courses, but there’s only so many online courses you can take.”

In addition to taking classes, Myers joined the Delta Delta Delta sorority in her second semester at the U.

“Jaime is very modest,” said Melissa Carey, Delta Delta Delta president. “There were a lot of times when we’d completely forget that she’s a pro athlete.”

Her sorority sisters showed Meyers support by cheering her on at competitions.

“Several times the house went up to World Cup at Deer Valley,” Carey said. “When events were in Salt Lake (City), it was easy to go and support her.”

Despite all her duties, Myers isn’t given any special treatment on the ski team.

“We require them to be at most practice and training sessions,” said Brian Lake, aerialist coach for the U.S. Ski Team. “We give a little leeway. If they miss sessions, we expect them to make it up.”

Lake, who has coached Myers for five years, thinks she has done well with everything on her plate.

With only one semester left in school, Myers is using this time to transition her life from being a student to becoming an Olympic hopeful.

“I am making a leap and moving back to Park City,” Myers said. “I’m downsizing everything in my life and focusing on going to the Olympics. Pretty much everything will be becoming the best at my sport.”

Lake is confident in Myers’ ability to attain her goals.

“It’s just basically being determined to get it done and choosing her sacrifices,” Lake said.

Regardless of the restraints that skiing may have put on her life, Myers is happy about the direction in which she is headed.

“I love my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I don’t think anyone else could do what I do, but I love it,” Myers said.