An Inconvenient Truth’ offers more than just good sense

By Letter to the editor


The Chronicle editorial published on June 15 urges your readers to “Go see ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.” Lindsey Sine provides us with a litany of dire consequences that may result from global warming, but fails to include one especially good reason for seeing this film: It also has a breadth and vitality not reflected in her editorial comments.

“An Inconvenient Truth” is a film about Al Gore (who describes himself as the one “who used to be the next president of the United States”) who has been keenly interested in the issues surrounding global warming for several decades.

Gore is filmed giving his slide show, which he has shown about a thousand times in as many cities. But it is interspersed with some deeply personal moments. The science he presents is illuminating and scientifically valid. It is also entertaining. The pace varies. His dire forecasts are punctuated with humor. Last night’s audience even clapped at one point, as if Al were right up there on the stage. Gore is neither wooden nor avuncular. He is convincing, amusing and fluid.

This full-length film is full of compelling graphics and delivers the message that our former vice president of the United States has been trying to get across to people around the globe-about our globe-for years. Do “go see ‘An Inconvenient Truth,'” and remember that Gore, who could have been our president, is the one courageous and disciplined enough to bring you this message.

Ann Wechsler