Letter to the editor

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I just wanted to say that I support the article in the opinion section of the Monday, June 19 paper (Aaron Zundel’s “Intolerance by any other name?). I am very grateful that there is at least one columnist that is willing to shout out against such intolerance.

Skaters will skate with or without a skatepark. And the more skateparks available to the youth the more “they” will be willing to skate the park instead of the street. Shame on those poorly informed residents of Bountiful for not allowing skaters to have their own stomping ground. I am a Bountiful resident and was looking forward to skating in my own city and not having to drive to Salt Lake City for a good exercise.

Accommodating skating is just as important, if not more important, as accommodating parking. I will look forward to skating the park…ing lot.

Brandon Martin

Senior, Psychology