The best of the best

Best bar?EVER: The Tavernacle

The Tavernacle is one of the best bars in the city and is my personal favorite. On any given Friday or Saturday night, the neon green room on the corner of 200 East and 300 South is full of people singing along to the greatest dueling pianos show in the world.

The bar will play anything from Neil Diamond to Nine Inch Nails, and it is all at your request. If there’s a song you want, it can play it, and it’s usually better than the original.

Whether or not you drink, pay The Tavernacle a visit. You will not be disappointed.

Honorable Mentions: O’Shucks. Go on Wednesday for the $3 schooner.

Best dancing: ’80s night at Area 51

This one hardly needs an explanation. Dress up in some day glow and go.

Area 51 is an all-ages club, and on Thursday nights, the ’80s music is nonstop. Not only is it a fun place to show off that acid-washed jean jacket you have kept all these years, but the dancing is so intense that, if you go regularly, you won’t have to worry about the freshmen 15.

Honorable Mention: Chi Omega formal, where you do need an invite, but the ladies know how to work it.

Best party-thrower: Dave

He is that guy on campus whom everyone’s heard of through a friend of a friend. Sometimes referred to as “drunk Dave,” he has become the master of the house parties everyone seems to know about.

Everyone needs to party with Dave and his roommates at least once in their converted fraternity house.

If you are lucky enough to hear about one of his notorious get-togethers, go.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Wright, the master of theme parties and impromptu dance-offs.

Best sporting event: U football

Nothing beats a U football game in the fall. It represents classic college at its finest.

Rice-Eccles Stadium fills with crimson-covered fans, and you can literally feel the excitement in the air.

You have the cannon that goes off every time we make a point, cheerleaders doing pushups and a crowd of rowdy fans looking for a win.

Honorable Mention: Women’s Soccer, featuring the talented forward Adele Letro and newcomer Kelly Isleib.

Best place to kiss someone on campus: The main Union building elevator

Enough said.

Honorable Mention: Level two stacks in the Marriott Library.

Best pizza: The Pie Pizzeria

I once saw someone hop from a slightly moving car and run a dead sprint to The Pie. I feel this illustrates exactly how good the pizza, pull-aparts and atmosphere are at The Pie. Open till 3 a.m. on weekends and just yards away from campus on 200 South, The Pie truly offers the perfect slice of thick-crusted, amply cheesed pizza.

For an added bonus, try the pull-aparts, The Pie’s own superior version of breadsticks.

Honorable Mention: Pudge Brothers, with a 24-hour delivery service perfect for late-night study sessions.

Best fraternity party: Sigma Nu “Male Review”

A night of dirty dancing for a good cause, at which the men of Sigma Nu show off their moves in next-to-nothing outfits for women only. The showstopper is a man who wears fuzzy boots and goes by the name “The Italian Stallion.”

There is a cover charge at the door, and the men appreciate tips, but the proceeds are always donated to a charitable cause.

Honorable Mention: Beta Theta Pi “Yo Beta Raps,” where the dress is strictly “gangsta.”

Best outdoor activities: Skiing and snowboarding

They don’t call it the “greatest snow on earth” for nothing! Whether you’re a pro or you need to spend some time on the bunny hill, Utah winters were made for hitting the powder with your friends. This winter, take a snow day.

Honorable Mention: Four-wheeling in Moab. Be sure to take a trip over Gemini Bridges. The view is epic.