Alternate ways to pay tuition

With the additional costs of textbooks, student fees and room and board, just paying tuition can be a struggle. But the Income Accounting and Student Loan Services office offers two tuition payment plans for students who may have difficulty paying tuition upfront. The only requirement is a tuition bill.

Students can apply for the AMS Tuition Pay Plan, with which tuition can be paid in several installments, or the Deferral of Tuition Plan, which requires students to pay only a percentage of their tuition and an application fee at the start of the semester.

“Many students take advantage of these options every year,” said Income Associate Accountant Brenda Borg.

She said it “lets students pay for school gradually throughout the semester instead of having the burden of one large payment.”??

The AMS tuition pay plan is open to all students at the U and sets up a payment program with which students make five equal payments throughout the semester. To apply, students only need to fill out a contract with the Income Accounting Office that outlines when payments are due and the amount of each payment, said Borg.

Income Accounting and Student Loan Services also offers the Deferral of Tuition Plan, with which the only criterion to apply is a current tuition bill. This option requires students to pay only 30 percent of their semester tuition and a $30 processing fee by the payment deadline.

The remainder of tuition is due approximately 60 days after the first day of class. ??

Setting up the deferral plan is simple, said Income Accounting secretary Sandra Renak. Students can apply online through the campus information system and make payments at the Income Accounting Cashier’s Office in the Student Services Building.

While the payment plans are an easy way to ease the tuition burden, Borg said, students should remember that they only defer the tuition bill. They do not eliminate it. ?

Students who fail to make payments in a timely manner will have a hold placed on their record, said Renak, preventing them from registering for classes.

The Income Accounting Office also handles short-term loans, delinquent payments and online tuition payments; it helps with student health-insurance information as well. The office is in the Student Services Building, Window 165.

For more information, visit or call the Income Accounting Office at 581-7344.

Jamison Brogdon

Maegan Burr

U students wait in line to pay tuition at the Student Services Building on Jan 23. Tuition can also be paid online as a convenient way to avoid the long lines.