Sugar and spice

By By Victoria Johnson

By Victoria Johnson


Impeach My Bush

XL Recordings

Four out of five stars

This s*** is absolutely filthy.

Peaches has released another semi-pornographic electro-pop rap album to satisfy your dirty tooth.

And how.

With previous song titles such as “Diddle My Skittle” and “Shake Yer Dix,” Peaches is known for her lo-fi beat-box raps about nothing but?you know?s-e-x. And with her third album, she does not disappoint.

In fact, she might have outdone herself.

“Two Guys (for Every Girl),” for instance, extols guy-on-guy action:

“I wanna see you boys get down with each other. I wanna see you do your little nasty brother.”

And another song, “Tent in Your Pants” extols?well I don’t really know what that one’s about?

The point is, there’s a sporting chance this album would make your mom cry if she knew you were listening to it.

That’s part of what makes it so damned good.

Another thing that makes this album good is guest spots by rockers Joan Jett and Iggy Pop, which give the album a rock-‘n’-roll boost. The injections of hard rock come as a welcome change because, though the Le Tigre-esque, electro-pop sound has its charms, it can wear a little thin.

Ironically, former Le Tigre player, J.D. Samson, has joined Peaches’ live band to round out her harder rock sound; and, from what I understand, it works out quite nicely (I can’t say firsthand because her show a couple weeks ago sold out before I got there).

Her forays into rock ‘n’ roll aside, you can always count on Peaches to dish out the raunchy rap goodness:

“Let’s face it: we all want tush/ If I’m wrong, impeach my bush/ Impeach my bush/ Impeach my bush/ Impeach my bush/ Impeach Bush/ Impeach Bush.”

Victoria Johnson