Half good, half bad

By By Jesse Peterson

By Jesse Peterson

Pure Reason Revolution

The Dark Third

Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK)

Two-and-a-half out of five stars

The music from British prog-rock band Pure Reason Revolution disturbs me.

Not disturbing in the Slayer, Nelly or Shakira sense-everyone knows what I’m talking ’bout, Willis-but disturbing in the fact that their music can suck so badly and still be so cool.

With progressive rock getting back into the swing of things-in other words, not sucking-Pure Reason Revolution couldn’t have picked a better time to freak everyone out with its ethereal, atmospheric, starry, hair-brained, pounding, epic new release, The Dark Third.

Motivated by the concept of sleep vs. awake, dreams vs. reality, Pure Reason Revolution has crafted together a solid record that only works because of specific moments of greatness. There are the layered harmonies, not only between the two lead vocalists, but the instruments as well. Also, there is some great guitar work in certain parts, specifically the middle of track six-not because it’s technical, but because it drastically affects the mood of the song.

However, the mood and atmosphere created in The Dark Third does not change enough, and monotony in a prog band bores especially painfully. Plus, underneath the compelling concept and skillful execution lies both musical and literary clichs. For example: “I crammed in a thousand hours to fight with the shaded quicksilver moon.”

Maybe fewer hours spent, uh, fighting the moon and more spent actually reading your own lyrics might’ve been a good call?maybe.

Pure Reason Revolution is not the average band. Aspiring to great heights, its music soars, as well as gets lost, in the clouds. The Dark Third is both compelling and average at the same time, and that bothers me. Bands shouldn’t suck and then not suck and then suck again. Do me-and the rest of the world-a favor: Go home and figure this one out so I don’t have to.