My professors wouldn’t let me protest


When I read in City Weekly last week that Rocky Anderson was staging an anti-war protest, I was so excited to finally get an opportunity to get politically involved. I sent out e-mails, text messages, and blogs spreading the information to everyone I knew. When I approached my professors about missing their classes, I offered extra credit reports on the political activity, information handed out and the overall events.

Every professor told me that this absence would count against me and no extra credit would make it excusable. I was furious that academic professionals, (of any party) would not take this chance to let their students (the lowest voting age group in our country) actively participate in one of the many political opportunities held that day.

In our fast-paced, material world, it seems our emphasis has shifted from personal growth and political/cultural awareness to the impersonal immediacy of letter grades and conformity.

Where is the student movement to rival that of the ’70s? It’s shackled by the fear of failure and the unquestioning acceptance of authority that has been implemented in our generation. I hope we can change it before it’s too late.

Dylan Schneider

Junior, International studies and English