Can’t we all just get along?

By By Victoria Johnson

By Victoria Johnson

Boy Kill Boy


Island Records

Four out of five stars

Are you a mod or a rocker?

Mods ride scooters and listen to The Who. Rockers wear steel-toed boots and drive motorcycles too big for the skinny little mods to hold up at stop signs.

For more on mods and rockers, rent the movie, “Quadrophenia.”

Boy Kill Boy’s members are definitely mods.

I can just picture them riding around on scooters, trying to get the cool mod girls to notice them, getting busted putting eyeliner on in the bathroom by some stodgy old Englishman.

Then they go to find their mod hero (played by Sting), who owns the sweetest scooter (translation: most side mirrors), only to find he’s just a work-a-day lackey (in this case: bellboy) like every other sucker in England.

So what’s a mod to do?

Get together with his mod mates and start a band, of course. Then he can tell his wage-slave parents to “sod off!”

The band should sound like a combination of Franz Ferdinand and the Killers-a bit like Bloc Party, but better. Add a smattering of Pulp for good measure, and sprinkle on just a little-a little, mind you-Blur.

Finally, the band should have an unfortunate name like Boy Kill Boy-a forgivable blunder because the music will perfectly blend sassiness and sweetness-like Smarties.

You’ve done it, mod boys. Now I want to make out with you in the club bathroom while the DJ plays your songs.

I’ll bring the Smarties.