Baby locked in car, Sigma Gamma Chi pledge arrested

By By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

LDS Sigma Gamma Chi fraternity pledge Lucas Pascal was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly interfering with police officers’ attempts to free a 1-year-old infant from a locked car.Because it was an emergency, police arrived at the Sugar House parking lot where the car was located and broke into the car window in order to free the child after the mother called to report the incident.Although an officer received mild wounds on his hands after breaking the window, the baby was rescued without injury.However, Lucas Pascal, a student at the LDS Institute of Religion who watched the events unfold, did not think the actions taken by the police were enough.Pascal confronted the officers by taking an aggressive posture and interfering with their work, police detective Joe Cyr said.”He said he was an ordained minister from the gospel and that he had to break the window himself so he could free the holy child,” Cyr said.Pascal has been involved with his fraternity for more than a year.Although police asked Pascal to leave the scene, he continued to be aggressive.Pascal said the spirit guided him throughout the experience, so he did not want to back down.”I just wanted to protect the child, but (the officer) just came after me with blood-scorching hands,” Pascal said. “I’ve been introduced to the spirit all my life, and I felt like this was my calling,” he said.Pascal was charged with interference, assault and resisting arrest. He was also booked into jail.After being released from jail the following morning, Pascal showed up in the KUTV Channel 2 newsroom demanding to read a public statement on air. Because his behavior raised concern from the KUTV staff, police were brought to the scene again.Pascal left and the event was resolved without incident.Jordan Judkins, Sigma Gamma Chi president, said, since the chapter is open to anyone, Pascal was let in without hesitation. Judkins said, however, that Pascal’s current behavior surprised him.”He would help out during activities,” Judkins said. “I always thought he was a quiet guy.”