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“All the King’s Men”

Directed by Steven Zaillian

Sean Penn drawls and stretches his suspender straps as corrupt politician Willie Stark in this adaptation of Robert Penn Warren’s 1946 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Look for Penn’s big scene in which, during a gubernatorial debate, he has a pizza delivered to his flustered rival.

“I do declare, my opponent would rather sink his teeth into sausage and cheese than take a bite out of your unemployment woes.” (PG-13)


Directed by Tony Bill

If you ever wondered what World War

I would look like as a video game, here’s your film. James Franco and Martin Henderson star as American pilots who volunteer for the French Air Force prior to their country’s involvement in the war.

Somebody announced Hollywood was making a movie featuring Frenchmen and-like a fly to feces-Jean Reno inevitably buzzed through the door.

“Zis eez ‘ow I feed myself,” he said on his way to the catering table. (PG-13)

“Jackass: Number Two”

Directed by Jeff Tremaine

My favorite part about the release of movies like this is that it sends pseudo-intellectual snobs into writing frenzies about the decline of civilization.

Somehow, I think Johnny Knoxville taking a bat to the groin is slightly less threatening than, say, ethically and morally challenged corporations screwing over their workers for the Big Dollar. It’s funnier, too. (R)

“Half Nelson”

Directed by Ryan Fleck

Junior-high kids are the spawn of Satan, so I kind of don’t blame Ryan Gosling’s inner-city teacher character for escaping the little brats through drugs.

One of his students discovers his habit, which is only slightly less embarrassing than the fact that he previously starred in a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book. (R)


Directed by John Gulager

Hey, remember that HBO series “Project Greenlight,” in which the “Good Will Hunting” gang picked a script and a director and set them loose making crappy movies? Hopefully the third time is the charm as this gory creature-feature finally opens for a limited run. (R)


Directed by Fernando Len de Aranoa

A pair of young prostitutes in Madrid set out to prove just how ironic the name of their movie is. (NR)