Students become ‘Pure Crimson’

By By Jake Hunter

By Jake Hunter

Kiss someone around midnight facing a U during homecoming and a new phenomenon will likely occur, because the U’s newest tradition promises that students will become “Pure Crimson.”

Taking a hint from high schools and colleges alike, the Homecoming Committee decided it wanted to create a new tradition at the U. The idea behind “Pure Crimson” came from Utah State’s similar custom of students become “True Aggies” by kissing at midnight.

Mindy Chidester, senior class president and political science major, said, “It’s going to be much like True Aggie night, only a whole lot better.”

“It’s going to take place right after the (Homecoming) Dance and will be right outside the dancehall,” Chidester said.

Students will meet there and kiss another person at 11:47 p.m. “I know it sounds like a weird time, but midnight is just overrated,” she said.

To become “Pure Crimson,” students also have to be facing a “U” (either one provided for the occasion or the U on the mountain) and kiss whomever they are with.

“We (the Associated Students of the University of Utah) have been working really hard with the Utah Traditions Organization,” Chidester said.

The first time a student becomes “Pure Crimson,” a student can kiss whomever he or she wishes. However, after homecoming, students must kiss someone that is already “Pure Crimson” to become one.

To prove that a person is “Pure Crimson,” ASUU will be handing out red business cards to verify students’ status.

“I think it’s a fun idea and a good way to end the Homecoming Dance,” said Krissy Holmes, a freshman in communication.

Chidester said, “I know it’s silly, but it’s going to be a good way to connect people back to the U. This year we are trying to get everyone involved in the old traditions as well as the new ones.”