Boise State students display their art at the U

By Victoria Johnson

It turns out Idaho exports more than just potatoes.

Various works from Boise State University’s art students will be on display at the Gittins Gallery in the U Art Building from today until Nov. 3.

The pieces, in various media, were sent from the Boise State Art Department as part of a new program that encourages relationships among art students in the region.

U sculpture professors Kaiti Slater and Paul Stout came up with the exchange idea last year after meeting Anika Smulovitz, assistant professor of small metals, at Boise State.

“(Smulovitz) organized everything,” Slater said. “Initially, we were just going to do small metals. Then it switched over from small metals to sculpture.”

Ultimately, no sculptures will be in the exhibit. Instead, there will be paintings, photographs, graphic design, small metals, ceramics and prints-all by Boise State students.

Slater said she was disappointed that there won’t be any sculpture pieces in this show, but she said she is excited for future exchanges.

“You can’t stamp your foot and get mad. You put up a good show,” she said. “We want to get a closer relationship with regional art programs. It’s a means of students gaining contacts and exhibition.”

Kirsten Furlong, gallery director of the Boise State University Visual Arts Center, expanded the exchange to include more media.

“We put the call out to all the faculty in all the areas and they responded,” she said. “It’s certainly something that I think would be interesting to do on an ongoing basis.”

Stout and Slater are planning to take U students’ work to showcase at Boise State some time next semester.

“It feels good to try this out with another university,” Stout said. “We’ll follow this up in a few months and take our students’ work to Boise.”

The show opens today in the Gittins Gallery with a reception at 3 p.m.