Zundel’s attitude toward gays is absurd

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As a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community here at the U, it comes as no surprise

to see yet another example of insincere support for the causes of our community. Although Aaron Zundel may be very correct in saying the “treatment of (the) LGBT community in Utah (is) rife with irony” (“Do unto others,” Oct. 13), his statement would hold more credibility if his own writing were not rife with hypocrisy.

It is absolutely absurd for him to ask his readers to “imagine growing up knowing that you’re different and feeling afraid to express that difference,” merely two sentences after referring to an entire minority as “overly whiny and sensitive.”

Let’s assume that I, as a gay man, have more than likely come into a little more contact with the gay and lesbian community than our author. Now, in my experience, you will be hard-pressed to find a member of the LGBT

community who does not have thicker skin than a rhino. As the author suggested, why doesn’t he try putting himself in our shoes and imagining what we have been through.

Zundel, when you have been called a f** since your peers knew how to utter the word, you may call me overly whiny and sensitive. When you have been disowned by family members for a difference that in no way impacts their daily lives, you may call me whiny and sensitive.

Until that time, I would ask our author, and any other person on campus with misguided notions of acceptance, to reevaluate your ideas of equality or “keep your mouth shut.”

Kevin Ingraham

Freshman, Pre-Nursing