Scholarship success

By By Jade Gray

By Jade Gray

A brand-new type of scholarship is coming to the U.

Alumnus Monolai Hola created and will be funding a large part of new diversity scholarships geared toward Pacific-Islander students, and the Dan Hola Leadership Scholarships, named in honor of Monolai Hola’s father, are the first of their kind.

In addition, Monolai Hola will create several internships through the Hinckley Institute of Politics. He will also be funding part of a research project that will examine the demographics of Pacific Islanders in the Salt Lake community.

The scholarship will be supported by a $20,000 private donation by Monolai Hola and will be matched with funds from the academic departments to which the scholarships pertain.

The scholarships will go to applicants who are interested in studying science, business, economics, political science, architecture and student affairs.

Funds from Hola and the departments will be broken up into 20 annual scholarships offered to Pacific-Islander students at the U.

Anita Kiteau, finance chair for the Pacific Islander Student Association, said the scholarships give students more opportunities to diversify their studies.

“Many Pacific-Islander students study social sciences. The Hola scholarships target sciences and business studies, which Pacific-Islander students usually don’t go into,” she said.

Feleti “Fred” Matagi of the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (CESA) said there are huge benefits to the scholarships.

“First, it helps students explore different majors,” he said. “Second, it offers a great opportunity for colleges to benefit from diverse students.”

Kiteau, a junior in business accounting, participated in a Washington, D.C., internship offered by the Hinckley Institute of Politics last year.

“I was an intern last year before the scholarship was created,” she said. “Now my fellow Pacific Islanders can take advantage of the new internships, and it will make it more affordable.”

Monolai Hola attended the U in 1991 on a football scholarship and was also student body president. Now, he is the president and CEO of Icon Consulting Group, a national defense company.

When the scholarships were announced to the public last week, Monolai Hola expressed his hopes for students who will receive them.

“Education is the key to success for Pacific-Islander students. Often we talk about negatives-the challenges our children face. These scholarships are a positive, proactive solution toward empowering our children through education.”