Whittingham has the Foley touch


Kyle Whittingham needs to go. That’s right-I said it. Having never missed a home game in my time as a student-and as a UFFC/MUSS member since its inception-I have earned the right to express my discontent. Though incompetent, Andy Ludwig and his needlessly complicated, excessively redundant offensive schemes are not our problem. The problem is simple: Coach Whittingham’s excuses smell worse than the sour chocolate milk drenching my soggy cheerios.

Whittingham has failed to engage the student body and surrounding community in the football program. My reservations concerning Whit were exacerbated when, shortly after taking the helm, he deflated the newfound prominence of the Utah-BYU rivalry by refusing to call BYU the “team down south.” Whit claimed it was “disrespectful.” Memo to coach: Being “respectful” or polite is not mandatory in college football, nor is coordinator position patronage.

I’ll give credit where credit is due. Whittingham was an outstanding defensive coordinator. He can undoubtedly be credited for much of our recent success. While his success as a coordinator cannot be repudiated, he is clearly not head-coaching material. A successful head coach is a motivator, publicist and leader. Whit is none of these.

Until Whittingham reaches out to the community, fans and students, U football will have all the momentum of a Mark Foley presidential bid.

Taylor Morgan

Senior, Political Science