Zalkind should go back to his old school


I would like to respond to the comments made by Ben Zalkind (“Timeliness is next to godliness,” Oct. 24). I feel his editorial was absurd. Please. He used words such as “tards” and “nincompoop.” I wonder if he learned those words at his “small liberal arts school.” It is sad that people are late, but sometimes people can’t help it. I commuted to this school for two years because I lived in Davis County.

This is a commuter school. I’m not sure if Zalkind has had to travel to get to school, maybe he has and maybe he hasn’t. Even sadder than Zalkind’s horrific experience of seeing a student(s) enter the classroom late is the judgmental view of one student that stereotypes all students at this university.

If all the 20-whatever thousand students we have appall him so much, I recommend he return to his “small liberal arts school.” Furthermore, aren’t there more pressing issues that our school’s newspaper could be concerned about?

“Let’s show that we care” about issues of greater importance, like violence, hate, disease, war or poverty-“we’re pretty lucky, after all.”

Matt Yamane