Liberals offer socialist bribes


Socialism and democracy cannot both exist in the same place at the same time. When a politician promises to give government handouts and expand the welfare program (or “entitlement program”) if elected, he is essentially buying votes.

A true democracy cannot exist when politicians are buying votes. Why do you think that evil dictators always reign over socialist countries? When was the last time you heard of an evil dictator reigning over a free-market, capitalist country? It doesn’t happen.

The only way evil dictators such as Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Francisco Franco could come to power was by bribing voters through a promised expansion of the entitlement programs. They didn’t come to power by having great ideas on how to improve the country.

Just because they are buying votes with someone else’s money doesn’t change the fact that they are buying votes. When socialism is embraced, democracy is destroyed. When you vote for liberals, you are selling your vote to the highest bidder.

Kellen Wilson?Senior, Finance and Spanish