Piner and Christensen made baseless charges against Jones

Editor:I am just curious as to where Adam Piner got his information about Dan Jones in Dustin Gardiner’s article (“Big Red bus ride,” Nov. 6). As you will see from the article, Jones can back up his information, and if asked to do so would be able to back up his information with tangible proof.

The reason behind this is that Jones is a total pro, and when he makes a statement, he has proof to back it up. Apparently Piner felt neglected because his candidate was failing, not only in the polls, but as a Republican losing to a Democrat in one of the most conservative states in the union. As a last ditch effort to explain why LaVar Christensen is losing, Piner has chosen to try to smear the pollster rather than take a look within his campaign.

I find this to be extremely unfortunate and very telling about the kind of representative Christensen would have been. If he were willing to hire a staff that would mislead the public about something like polls, what else was his campaign willing to mislead people about?

I am a student of Jones and it offends me that Piner would make this accusation against a professor who has shown, time and time again, that he is fair and balanced on political issues, whether it is in his class or in his polls. Jones simply represents the truth; if he isn’t honest in his polls, he loses a career he has spent a lifetime achieving–it is unlikely he would jeopardize that.

However, if Piner makes outlandish accusations a couple of days before the election, he saves face and maybe sways one or two people to look down on a company that has proven to be a beacon of high ethics. Clearly, Piner and his candidate were so desperate they would do and say anything to sway voters, but it clearly wasn’t working, as you can see by Jones’ poll–and the results.

Adam TebbsSenior, Political Science