ASUU sees slew of new appointments; Kirkham says more to come

By By Rochelle McConkie

By Rochelle McConkie

Rick Pehrson’s resignation as ASUU chief of staff in mid-October created a domino effect of changing student government positions.

Former Associated Students of the University of Utah Attorney General Alicia Taase took over Perhson’s position as chief of staff.

Upon Taase’s transfer, Jill Baker was appointed to serve as attorney general. Baker had been acting as student outreach director.

Susan Vecchi, who was Baker’s assistant director and is also a proofreader for The Chronicle, has been promoted to student outreach director.

Alison Kunz, former member of the Student Outreach Board, has been appointed assistant director.

ASUU President Jake Kirkham said he is confident in the new appointments. “It’s been a little tricky, but new people have new ideas,” he said.

“We have tried to establish a pattern of making moves in-house,” Kirkham said. “These people already know everyone (in ASUU), and they know the new policies.”

Baker said the connections she formed with ASUU, student groups and KUTE while working as student outreach director will help her as attorney general.

In this position, Baker said, “I hope to form a greater bond between the U administration and ASUU administration.”

She said she hopes to be a liaison among the elections registrar, students and administration in advising in the ASUU elections.

Kirkham said at the end of the semester, Student Advocacy Director Michel Barakat will be resigning due to increased medical school pressures. As others decide to run for ASUU elected positions, more resignations will occur, Kirkham said.

Mike Terry

Julie Mayhew, director of development for the Union, stands next to one of the four fireplaces in which a missing time capsule was possibly placed 50 years ago. Hoping to find and open it in time for the Union’s 50th anniversary celebration in January, Mayhew and her colleagues are resorting to metal detectors and X-rays to locate the capsule.