Kirkham to deliver State of ASUU Address

Student government leaders will deliver the first “State of the ASUU Address” tonight.

Leaders from all three branches of the Associated Students of the University of Utah will speak at the event. They will discuss the student government’s progress and accomplishments thus far and the agendas for the remainder of the school year.

The event is being held in the Union Ballroom from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and is open to all students.

Student Body President Jake Kirkham said he is holding the address because students have complained that the only time they see or hear from their elected ASUU leaders is while they’re campaigning to get elected to office.

“We want to make a huge push this year to get out in front of students and let them know what we’re doing,” Kirkham said.

Kirkham said he was inspired to hold the address while watching President George Bush deliver his “State of Union Address” last January.

Kirkham included the idea on his list of campaign promises, and now after being elected, he is eager to deliver part of the address.

While the U.S. president is the only speaker in the traditional “State of the Union Address,” representatives from all three branches of ASUU will also speak at the event. Kirkham said he wanted the whole office to have an opportunity to inform students of the student government’s actions.

Following the speakers’ addresses, students will be able to make comments and ask questions about ASUU.

“In order to fully represent the student body, we need their input,” Kirkham said.

The event is also intended to educate students about how ASUU works. Speakers will be explaining the structure of the government and informational pamphlets will be available.

Kirkham’s spokesperson Cameron Beech said, “Our goal here is to inform the student body on functions of the entire (student) government.”