Letter: Concealed carry permits aren’t the danger


I have been doing some reading on the campus gun ban and stumbled on your unsigned editorial from Sept. 11 titled, “Don’t carry guns to class just because you can.” In my mind the decision to carry a concealed weapon is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Those who choose to legally carry do so with the understanding that they may have to use their gun in self-defense-which means they may hurt or even kill another human being. They are not criminal.

The individuals legally carrying weapons aren’t the people we should be worried about. I don’t own a gun, but I know that gun crimes are rarely committed by concealed-carry-permit holders.

My concerns are those who carry guns illegally. Those individuals don’t care much for rules. And they’re still packing guns to school while the responsible rule and law abiding individuals have left their defense at home. I’m a U alumna and have very vivid memories of certain things that occurred to me while living and working on campus. I was followed home to the dorms by men twice, once after a night class and the other time after a visit to the law library during summer hours.

I felt helpless and terrified. I worked late into the evening in the film production area and called campus police for an escort home. After 45 minutes I was still alone. They never came, and I was forced to walk through campus to the dorms alone in the middle of the night completely unable to protect myself.

I believe that any student, teacher or visitor (specifically females because of my own experience) who has been identified by the state as being upstanding and worthy of a license to carry a weapon ought to be able to protect herself. As I mentioned earlier, it’s those carrying illegally that are the worry, and they will bring guns on campus anyway.

Just my 2 cents, but I think it’s an important issue. I wonder where the ACLU is in protection of those who wish to carry weapons legally as outlined by the law. The right to protect oneself is certainly a civil liberty.

Christy Crawford