Is anyone listening?

When U students look to listen to music online the U’s student radio station, KUTE, is not a top choice.

The station is rarely broadcasting to more than two listeners at one time, according to numbers provided to The Chronicle by KUTE management.

“In reality, no one is essentially listening to KUTE,” said Alfred Quinn, the station’s manager. “Since October, we haven’t had ten listeners simultaneously.”

Student government leaders who are pushing to cut KUTE’s funding for the current school year weren’t surprised that few students are tuning in to the station.

“I think the numbers kind of prove our case,” said Jake Kirkham, student body president.

Kirkham is advocating a bill in the student legislature to cut KUTE’s funding for one year by amending a clause in RedBook, the student constitution, that currently guarantees the station $15,000 in yearly funds.

The General Assembly in the Associated Students of the University of Utah will vote on the measure tonight.

Supporters of the proposals say the station is not drawing enough listeners to justify the funding it receives.

“Those numbers speak for themselves?it’s clear that we’re not getting the most bang for our buck,” said Jill Baker, ASUU attorney general.

While some members of ASUU see the station’s small following as grounds for the cut, Quinn said KUTE’s priority should be education.

Though having more listeners would be nice, Quinn said, the station ought to be used as forum for educating students about radio.

Currently, KUTE can be heard streaming online at or through a closed circuit broadcast in the Residence Halls.