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“Because I Said So”Directed by Michael LehmannIt’s either a romantic comedy in which an overbearing mom (Diane Keaton) urges her daughter (Mandy Moore) to settle down with a nice man, or it’s what women across the country will say to their boyfriends when their boyfriends whine about being forced to see this movie. Stand your ground, men. (PG-13)

“Pan’s Labyrinth”Directed by Guillermo del ToroAn imaginative little girl faces monsters real and fantastical in World War II-era fascist Spain.”Pan’s Labyrinth” is slightly less scary than David Bowie’s “Labyrinth,” in which Jennifer Connolly was menaced by the pop star’s bulging genitals. (R)

“The Last King of Scotland”Directed by Kevin MacDonald Forest Whitaker is equally charming and loose-cannon vicious as bloodthirsty Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in this “inspired by true events” thriller.His win at this year’s Academy Awards is such a sure thing, the Academy is thinking of renaming the Best Actor category, “Best Performance by an Actor Named Forest Whitaker in ‘The Last King of Scotland.'” In the biggest upset in Oscar history, he will lose to “Shakespeare in Love.” (R)

“The Messengers”Directed by the Pang BrothersDark stains on the walls once again foretell the coming of angry spooks in this Sam Raimi-produced horror flick.I know just the trick to remove those unsightly stains-a sponge, a bucket of holy water and a lot of elbow grease. The sound of painful, ghoulish shrieking lets you know it’s working. (PG-13)

“Venus”Directed by Roger MichellPeter O’Toole recently received his eighth Oscar nomination for his role in this movie. He plays an aging actor who finds himself curiously attracted to his friend’s great-niece.Will this finally be O’Toole’s year to bring home Oscar gold? More importantly, if he wins, will the first words of his acceptance speech be an apology for his involvement in “King Ralph?” (R)

MIDNIGHT MADNESS AT THE TOWER! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!”Groundhog Day”Directed by Harold RamisPerhaps more fun than watching this classic Bill Murray comedy is watching Harold Ramis get fatter and fatter in each film. He’s pretty fat in this one. (PG-13)