MEChA sells churros to raise funds

By By Parker Williams

By Parker Williams

Latin music and the smell of cinnamon fills the Union Free Speech Area as students from MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan) begin a fund-raiser designed to help pay for their annual conference.

This year’s conference is in Denver, Colo.

“At the conference, we have various workshops and listen to various speakers,” said Jose Rodriguez, a junior majoring in social justice and policy and a member of the club. “We’ve been fortunate enough to go every year and we’d like to continue that.”

To raise the necessary $2,000, students from MEChA will be selling churros and the Spanish drink, “chocolate.”

Rodriguez said he hopes U students will become more familiar with MEChA by selling churros.

MEChA was created in 1969, a movment to unify a wide variety of Chicano-rights student organizations.

“MEChA is a bottom-up organization and the conferences allow us to learn from other groups around the nation,” said sophomore Chris Macias, a history major and a member of the group.

Trevor Dopp