Justices appointed to ASUU Supreme Court

Generally when a new U Student Body President comes into office, he or she has to fill one or two vacant seats on the ASUU Supreme Court-this year, President Jake Kirkham has appointed an almost entirely new court.Kirkham recently appointed five new justices to the court and will be appointing an additional justice after six members of the seven-member court retired at the end of last year.”Rarely does a president have to appoint six new justices,” he said. “This is unheard of.”The appointments must now be confirmed by the Senate in the Associated Students of the University of Utah before the justices can take office. The Senate is scheduled to hear from the justices Thursday. In selecting appointees for the court, Kirkham said he tried to branch out and select students from a variety of majors. Traditionally, the court has been mostly made up of law students-only two of Kirkham’s appointments are law students.”I didn’t want to bring in six law students; I wanted the court to be representative of all of campus,” Kirkham said.Kirkham said he has worked with many of his new court appointees, including Nicola Saliendra, former ASUU Chief of Staff, in the student government. Richard Green, the sole returning justice and Kirkham’s new appointee for Chief Justice, said he supports Kirkham’s effort to change the make-up of the court.”A person with (ASUU) experience can bring a working knowledge of the other parts of the government,” Green said. “It can be very useful.”The ASUU Supreme Court is a rarely used body, but when the court is called in session, Green said, its rulings can have a substantial affect.During student government elections last spring, the court removed Kirkham and other members of his party from the ballot after they exceeded campaign-spending caps. Kirkham appealed the court’s ruling to the Committee on Student Affairs, which delivered what Kirkham called a less harsh ruling.The court hears appeals from students who challenge ASUU actions on the basis that they violate the student constitution, or “Redbook.” The court also hears appeals from the ASUU elections committee, Greek Row court system and Residence Halls committees.Newly appointed justices for the court include:Chief Justice: Richard GreenJustices: Nicola Saliendra, Adam Reiser, Kimberly Bane, Aida Neimarlija, Yevgeniya Kopeleva.