Letter: No love for the lefties


My father-in-law once said, “All people are born right-handed, but only the truly great overcome it.”

If he was right, there are a great many truly great students here at the U. Unfortunately, because the majority of people are right-handers, those of us who are southpaws are ignored.

Would it be too much to ask that the U make an accommodation for the lefties? How many left-handed desks do you see in any classroom? Usually, if I am lucky, there is one token desk that fits my need. But usually, that desk is already occupied by another left-handed individual.

So I am left, if room permits, to sit with an empty desk to my left, so that I can pull it over to rest my elbow and take legible notes. Some might think this issue is of no consequence.

But sitting at a desk taking notes for two hours, or hand-writing a midterm exam while your elbow floats, can be very uncomfortable. I do not ask that the U purchase a left-handed desk for every one of us who needs it. I just ask that when they consider buying desks for newer or remodeled buildings that they keep everyone in mind.

Chris Shirley

Senior, English