Sweet and sour

By By Cynthia Stone

By Cynthia Stone

SwitchfootOh! GravitySony RecordsThree out of five stars

Much like recent offerings from contemporaries like Fallout Boy, Switchfoot’s new album, Oh! Gravity, takes a couple of spins before listeners can appreciate the band’s pop-punk, alternative sound. However, a grating falsetto and flat lyrics that attempt to be “deep” undercut the band’s modest appeal.

Oh! Gravity showcases Switchfoot’s ear-pumping beats that almost pushed me to check out tour dates. Unfortunately, this desire didn’t last long. By track eight, I was searching for my remote to change the CD. By the second listen, I made it through track nine, and by my third try, I skipped quite a few songs to hear the best of the album: “Burn out Bright,” “4:12” and “Let Your Love Be Strong.”

For those Switchfoot fans with albums three, four and five, Oh! Gravity is probably already on your shelves or at least added to your wish lists. To those only familiar with Switchfoot’s radio hits, this CD is worth sampling and finding favorites to download from iTunes.

I would recommend starting with “Awakening” and “Burn out Bright.” Avoid “Dirty Hands” and “Amatuer Love;” they’re both a bad combination of feeble lyrics and flimsy rhythm. As for “4:12,” it’s going on my weekend road-trip mix.