Letter: Surely you can’t be serious, Homer

Editor:I hope that Matt Homer’s column (“Californians, not Mexicans, pose the real threat,” Feb. 9) was an attempt at satire. If not, I am appalled that such an authoritarian article was published.Homer’s solution is simple: Merely repeat history by parodying World War II. This is where I hope that this article is a satire. It brings to mind the Berlin Wall, and a conflict in which a certain man tried to exterminate a certain race by deporting its members to concentration camps because he saw them as an impediment to culture and economy. A little prejudice killed more than 11 million people. I am continuing to hope that this article is a satire on the current immigration problem. It is a shoddy argument, comparing the two. Californians are not intent on debauching the sanctified culture of the great state of Utah. Keep that in mind next time you produce a satire.

Christiane M. FrankeSophomore, English