Letter: Concealed weapons save lives

Every time real life proves you libs wrong, you shout, “This is not about agendas!” (“Trolley Square shooting is not about agendas,” Feb. 14). No thinking person can see what happened at Trolley Square and still be opposed to the Second Amendment. Nicholas Pappas knew that, so he wrote a column begging us conservatives not to mention the fact that we were, once again, proven right. You liberals were proven wrong, and I’m going to shove it in your face.Pappas wrote, “Have you ever noticed that you never hear about a group crying that everyone should be wearing bulletproof vests?” This question proves Pappas’ ignorance of the Bill of Rights that he so detests. Nobody is saying that you “have to” carry a gun, only that you can. Likewise, you can wear a bulletproof vest if you choose. So far, you libs haven’t tried taking that right away from us.Pappas also wrote, “The gun enthusiasts will?(say) that if only a concealed weapons permit holder had been there, everything would be just fine.” A concealed weapons permit holder was there, and he saved lives. If it weren’t for good guys with guns, the freak would still be there shooting people.As much as you libs hate to admit it, a concealed weapons permit holder saved a lot of innocent lives at Trolley Square.

Kellen Wilson Senior, Finance and Spanish