Letter: Homer’s satire missed the boat

Editor:I write to you today as one who has studied works of literature in an effort to procure meaning from the author’s writing. I’ve studied Kant, David Mamet, Ionesco, Samuel Beckett and Aristotle, to name a few. I mention these names to show I can pull meaning from deep metaphor, illusion and logic. Any meaning Matt Homer’s column, (“Californians, not Mexicans, pose the real threat,” Feb. 9) attempts to put forth was lost on me.He could be saying the illegal immigration issue is idiotic. But, to go on and on about these “problems” and “solutions,” because?? I saw perhaps two vague parallels, between the “Californian attack” and illegal immigration. However, I personally feel his satire of Nazis making Jews wear stars — “Those who cannot prove they aren’t Californian will?wear a red star on their right breast” — was out of line.What I saw was an attempt at a humorous article for us to read so we could forget about global warming, ecological collapse, Iran’s nuclear program, our war in Iraq, a House and Senate cranking out bills and all the other issues we should be reading about in a NEWSpaper.Did you need to fill space on the Opinion page? Here’s an opinion: If you want to report satire, you should make a new section and devote it to comics and humorous articles. Putting an article like Homer’s in the Opinion section makes me think he really feels Californians are a threat?and in this day and age, with all the issues I mentioned earlier, it makes me question the validity of a newspaper that staffs reporters who report humorous nonsense.Maybe Californian immigration is a situation we should know about. I personally dislike the idea of big California-style houses built on our mountainsides, but when the message- bearer categorizes Californians as bringers of “the language of sin” and communists, I roll my eyes and shrug off as mere nonsense what might be an issue. I don’t want fluff. I want names, companies and possible organizations I can join to combat this problem, after being told specific evidence of ecological destruction.And please pass on my kudos to Aaron Zundel for reporting on House Bill 217 in an upbeat, intelligent and informative manner. In definite terms, he told me who and what, and presented a logical argument for his case.

C. P. Elliott Senior, Performing Arts Design