Letter: Actions speak louder than apathetic columnists

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Editor:I’d like to respond to Matt Patton’s claim in his column (“Look out for election fever and campaign promises,” Feb. 28) that those of us in the Associated Students of the University of Utah were elected or appointed to benefit our rsums. We had the padding for our rsums the night the elections results were announced last March, but that’s not what kept the ASUU Senate in session until midnight last Thursday or the ASUU General Assembly deliberating over how to fairly fund student groups for three-and-a-half hours Tuesday night. Granted, not everyone who runs for office has the best intentions and, after losing a case in front of the ASUU Supreme Court over last year’s elections, I’m not the first to defend the process. But the people you dislike for wearing the shirt or being on the poster are the ones that care enough to go through the process even if they think it’s ridiculous and the people who will (whether you like it or not) be making the decisions next year. Actions speak much louder than words, as Lindsey Sine proved with her nontraditional campaign last year and as Ali Hasnain, Jake Kirkham and this year’s administration have proved by doing their damnedest to fulfill their promises after the elections were over. I, for one, would suggest that Patton stop speaking and start acting. Kim M. Bowman Jr.Alumnus