Letter: Chrony continues its liberal bias

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Editor:A homosexual calls me a masturbator, and The Chrony posts it on its Web page. I quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and you refuse to print it. Your liberal bias has reached a new low.The Chrony often refuses to print my letters. I have been told that they are too long, and they will only print conservative letters with fewer than 150 words. Apparently, you are more flexible with the length of liberal letters. The three letters published on March 1, including two that were printed, contained 243 words, 233 words and 231 words, and were all liberal in nature.Do you not print my letters because they are too long, or because they are too conservative? My last letter was 105 words. What is your excuse for not printing it?This letter is 149 words. Let’s see if it is worthy of space in your liberal paper.

Kellen WilsonSenior, Finance and Spanish