Letter: Richards was right, Wilson was wrong

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Editor:I first want to commend Jay Richards (“God hates gay people, right?: Taking the Bible literally leads to skewed conclusions,” Feb. 22) for presenting a perspective on the Bible that has been silenced with the rise of a more conservative, fundamentalist Christianity.The Bible was never intended to be a weapon, but numerous Christians have used it over the last 2,000 years to support major atrocities, including the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery and the persecution of Jews. Today’s discussion of the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality is simply another example of this phenomenon.In Kellen Wilson’s letter (“Liberals draw the wrong conclusions from the Bible,” Feb. 26), his assertions that gay/lesbian relationships are sinful fail to have any New Testament-supported evidence. The Gospels contain zero accounts of Jesus condemning homosexuality, and the remainder of the New Testament contains only cryptic references to gay/lesbian sexuality. Paul has numerous opportunities to condemn homosexuality in his epistles, but instead uses words to condemn male temple prostitution and not the blanket condemnation for which fundamentalist Christians accredit him.Wilson went as far as to say that Richards was not a Christian due to his liberal interpretations, but Richards seems to be in good company. Jesus was a radical in his day and constantly had his commitment to his faith questioned by the religious establishment due to the fact that he hung out with those deemed unworthy of the kingdom of God: prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors and Samaritans. He was easily called far worse things than Wilson’s label of “liberal” and was ultimately put to death for his radical message of love and inclusion.It is a shame that many on the “religious right” spend so much time and energy trying to silence a God that is still speaking to our world today.

Jack LewisSenior, Middle East Studies