Letter: What a fine mess we’re in

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Editor:Currently, each student pays $1 in student fees that is distributed among the fine arts departments. As a result, there is not an adequate amount of funding to support events. Therefore, the College of Fine Arts is requesting to increase student fees by $5 to support various programs within the college. In return, students would receive free admission to all student productions. This joint resolution was passed through the Associated Students of the University of Utah Senate on Feb. 22. When this same resolution was presented to the ASUU General Assembly on Feb. 27, more than half of the Assembly members were opposed. Representatives made claims that their colleges were against the idea of increasing funds toward fine arts.As a leader on campus, I see when something needs to be changed. Since this resolution failed, I predict that fine arts events will diminish and there will be less support toward diversity and culture on campus. Passing this resolution would do more than just provide free admission: It would preserve student art forms. This resolution is about building life on campus, which all campaigns support. It would enrich the life of the university and the community as a whole.

Andrea GoldsteinSenior, Ballet and NutritionASUU Fine Arts Senator