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“Black Snake Moan”Directed by Craig BrewerA blues musician (Samuel L. Jackson) chains a young woman (Christina Ricci) to his wall, intending to exorcize the nymphomaniac demons from her.Progress seems to be going well until the woman vomits green slime all over Jackson, breaks free and rejoins her best friend, Nicole Richie. (R)

“Breaking and Entering”Directed by Anthony MinghellaA landscape architect (Jude Law) has an affair with a Bosnian widow (Juliette Binoche) whose son repeatedly breaks into the architect’s office.The audience groans when Law says to Binoche, “Your son may have broken into my office, but you, m’lady, have broken into my heart.” (R)

“Inland Empire”Directed by David LynchRubber ducky underpants, ding-dong slap, man on fire, man on fire, green eggs and ham, Eskimo pie.What you just read is probably more comprehensible than whatever David Lynch has thrown up on the screen in his newest movie, shot entirely on digital video, starring Laura Dern, Henry Dean Stanton, Justin Theroux and somebody in a giant rabbit costume. (R)

“Seraphim Falls”Directed by David Von AnckenOn a break from mentoring some angst-ridden future leader somewhere, Liam Neeson hunts down a feral-looking Pierce Brosnan in this grim Western.The bushy beard Brosnan sports was grown during an alcoholic bender he went on after realizing what a pretty-boy, pansy-reared Bond he was compared with Daniel Craig. (R)

“Wild Hogs”Directed by Walt BeckerJohn Travolta received a free Harley-Davidson for appearing in this slapstick comedy about four buddies who hit the road on their hogs, looking for adventure and whatever comes their way.And what does the audience get? A refund, maybe? Hopefully? (PG-13)

“Zodiac”Directed by David FincherJake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. obsessively track down the Zodiac Killer in 1970s San Francisco.The detectives’ investigation is interrupted when a hysterical Jim Carrey bursts into the room, waving his arms and shouting, “The movie’s coming out on 3/2, which is 23 backward!” after which Downey Jr. shoots him dead and the investigation continues. (R)