Free advice

I remember when there used to be an advice column in The Chronicle.

It ran in the A&E section and it was, for the most part, sex and dating advice. Since its departure from these pages, I have always wanted to see a new advice column take its place–a column that was less love and more life advice.

So here it is, a column to provide answers and direction for any situation that may arise in the life of any college student.

I think one of the most beneficial things about an advice column is that everyone has the potential to benefit from reading it. At this academic stage in our lives, a lot of us share the same woes–money trouble, dating stress, lack of life direction and motivation. Though we may not all be the same–for instance, I’m a single woman and you might be a married man with children–we all have the potential to learn from and help each other. I can’t remember how many times I have read an advice column, felt a level of relation to the person seeking advice and then benefited from the advice given to that person. I hope that this column can do the very same thing, and that’s why I want to write it.

I don’t have a degree and I am no more or less qualified than the next person to be telling you what to do with your life, but I’ve been through and seen a lot in my time, and I can relate and offer an insightful outside perspective on the problems you may have.

So, dearest readers, let’s give this thing a shot. If you are struggling in any part of your life, write me a letter, ask me a question and I will print it in the paper along with an insightful response that I have taken time to carve out just for you.

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