Revue Notebook: Day 5

By By Jason Peterson

By Jason Peterson

People will do a lot for a million dollars.Just watch an episode of “Fear Factor” and you’ll see what people will do for 50 grand.

The Rocky Mountain Revue should create its own reality TV show, “The RMR Factor.” The challenges feature players diving on the floor for loose balls, attacking the rim as if it was somehow responsible for the death of a loved one and hanging onto every coach’s word.

The pay-off? A contract worth around $1 million.

The fear part comes when players get cut from the roster and suddenly, they’re unemployed.

Actually, that fear is a reality for many players like Spencer Nelson, the former Utah State standout playing with this summer’s Milwaukee Bucks team.

The summer after going un-drafted, Nelson played for the Utah Jazz in the Revue. Utah, although fond of his hustle and defense, had little room on the roster. Rather than wait to see if another team would pick him up, Nelson signed with a pro team in Germany.

Nelson and many others including Donnell Harvey (Spurs), Pape Sow (Suns) and Pops Mensah-Bonsu (Mavs) return every summer for a high-profile, high-stakes tryout to strut their stuff.

Players like Randy Livingston choose to stick around all year in the U.S. in the hopes of latching on to an NBA team.

Livingston, who played third-string point for the Jazz in 2005, toiled with the Idaho Stampede of the National Basketball Development League last season.

The NBDL is gaining reputation as a shelf of fringe NBA players in which teams can call up fill-ins on a moment’s notice.Staying in the States paid off for Livingston, who signed a contract with the Seattle Sonics after their floor generals, Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson went down with injuries.

For most athletes who choose to stay in the States, however, opportunities rarely come knocking. The pay is far less than what one could be making in Europe and the risk of job security is much higher.

So if you want drama this summer besides CSI: New York, catch the Rocky Mountain Revue.

These guys are fighting for their jobs.

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